29 September 2010

Update on move!

At this stage, I have managed to sell all my furniture to various other residents in my apartment complex except for my bed and TV both of which I'm keeping. My short table for the workstation and 2 slim shelves will be collected from me over the weekend or early next week which suits me very well.

Well, home without furniture...

On a Transformers note, I just picked this up from the very venerable fatbot of OZ Formers: Hard Hero statues of Prowl, Ironhide and Devastator! I just love the purity and G1-ness of the Hard Hero statues. They are so down to basics but yet so pure to the spirit and essence of G1. To me, they are so much better than the more recent Diamond select busts (which are either very horridly sculpted or too "Pat Lee" for my liking).

Thanks fatbot!


  1. Hi there, what's your opinion on the Sonic Convoy TRU Japan giftset? I think I've never seen one featured in your website.

    Hopefully the move is going well.

  2. Thanks, the move is going well. I cannot express an opinion on EX-02 Sonic Convoy because I dont own a piece, although I must say that it does look nice in photos. Other than MPs, BTs and Hard Hero, I dont collect too much outside of classic G1, so unlikely that I will collect Galaxy Force. =)


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