18 September 2010

Transformers Victory Brainmaster C-320: Blacker

This post follows from: C-323 - Road Caesar giftset

Profile (from TF Wiki):
"Blacker is the commanding officer of the Brainmasters car trio and second in rank to Star Saber among the Earth Autobots. Blacker is possibly the most experienced warrior among the Autobots of Earth and is considered the senior member of the elite Brainmaster unit, making him one of the most respected Autobots around. Blacker tends to take this very seriously and is constantly trying to set the proper example for his fellows. Most Autobots take this in stride with his prestige though Wingwaver considers it highly patronizing. Blacker is more than willing to sacrifice himself for others and has been crippled several times saving others. As a member of the Brainmasters, Blacker is also an instrumental component of Road Caesar as he forms both the torso and arms."

While the all the Brainmasters are not interesting transforming toys, I personally think that Blacker is the weakest design among them. As a toy, its really not very fun in either robot or car mode. It offers very little play value and is blocky and larger than it should have been for such a simplistic design. I guess that its the Brainmaster function that limited and affected its design, which is a little unfortunate.

Cliffbee.com appears to share the same low-esteem I have for Blacker by stating in his review's conclusion that:

"More than anything else, Blacker suffers from being far too simple for his size. The sculpt, articulation and transformation are all a joke. The Brainmasters that combine to form Roadcaeser far too simple to offer any impressive engineering. The brain gimmick is okay, but isn't enough to make the Transformer work. If you could snap this guy up for retail he'd be okay, but he's not worth the premium his rarity will likely add to the price - 3/10"

Blacker head-sculpt. It's okay, I guess. Not the best of the 3 Road Caesar robots though.

Guess what? Blacker's sword is not black. It's white.

The Blacker brainmaster

Dune buggy mode

Dune buggy attack mode


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