18 September 2010

Transformers Victory Brainmaster C-322: Braver

This post follows from: C-323 - Road Caesar giftset

Profile from TF Wiki:

"Braver (ブレイバー Bureibā) is the brains of his team—and when his team is named the Brainmasters, that's really saying something. Braver loves to tinker and create, being something of a mad scientist, but his child-like charm and creativity are tempered with the good sense to work on a small scale and not to turn on his creations until the kinks are worked out, leaving him a little less prone to self-injury than certain other scientists. And just because he's a brain doesn't mean Braver is lacking as a warrior—he is an accomplished fighter, capable of holding his own against two or three opponents at a time and employing complicated strategies and manoeuvres on the battlefield with ease.

As a Brainmaster, Braver possesses incredible skill, strength, intelligence and courage. Among the group, it should not be surprising to learn that Braver exemplifies intelligence in particular; his smallest robot form is the Brain of Intelligence, which combines with a Transtector that transforms into a sports car. In robot mode, Braver can eject oil from the soles of his feet and then proceed to run around his opponents at super speed, igniting the oil in a technique known as his blazing "Brain Hellfire" attack. Braver combines with his fellow Brainmasters Blacker and Laster into Road Caesar, forming the left leg of the super robot."

Again, like C-320: Blacker and C-321: Laster, Braver is also not very interesting. The transformation is largely similar to Laster but the car mode is pretty horrid and lacks detail given its size. Easily one of the weaker Brainmasters, but not as bad as Blacker.

Cliffbee.com concludes thus:

"More than anything else, Braver suffers from being far too simple for his size. The sculpt, articulation and transformation are all a joke and the car mode is far too generic. The Brainmasters that combine to form Roadcaeser far too simple to offer any impressive engineering. The brain gimmick is okay, but isn't enough to make the Transformer work. If you could snap this guy up for retail he'd be okay, but he's not worth the premium his rarity will likely add to the price - 3/10"


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