22 September 2010

New workstation and new arrival

Last night, I had offers for all of my Ikea shelves and my 2m long table and also the 1.2m table. What had to happen was that I has to clean out all the shelves and also to clean them up. It was quite a lot of work. 

After all that, I was left with no workstation/computer area because I had to clean up the 2m long table. I set up a spare table next to my large full length windows as a workstation/computer area. I think it works pretty well. When I look to my right I see the George Street and the city below me. It's a very nice place to be on the computer and to do stuff.

Workstation at night after set up.

Oh, and Grandus arrived from a TFW2005 member. It is a very nice piece and in immaculate condition, stickers unapplied too. It's a brick as they say, but I its growing on me. The detail of ton Grandus is also pretty impressive even if the articulation is not.

Grandus on workstation in the day

Gratuitous pic my entire Transformers collection in Sydney now (actually waiting to collect Big Powered back from the owner of Cliffbee.com, so I have another 3 more on top of these).


  1. Daww, Grandus looks like a cute chubby robot! An awesome addition nonetheless! ;-)

  2. Yup, thanks to devstar. Grandus is in immaculate condition. I will be posting more pics soon. heh.


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