22 September 2010

Return of Convoy, C-360: Sky Garry MIB


  1. I recently acquired this figure and when I went to take photos today I was sadden that I didn't notice a few glaring problems before I placed my bid on the Yahoo! Japan auction. First of all I should have noticed the Micro Trailer had been swapped out w/ a white trailer versus the black. The left side of the figure is also yellowed, though you couldn't really tell by the one image, a packaged shot. I should have also noticed that a few stickers were missing. Oh well, I think at this point I'd rather sell him and try to recoup my money than keep him. I really want to replace him though as I really dig this toy. It's just different enough to really appeal to me.

    1. awww, sorry to hear that about your piece. That's rough. And with YHJ there no way to complain or to even get relief. Damn.

      I think its true you should sell it and get a better piece. No point trying to hunt the black trailer (which I think would be quite tough to find). It's not a tough toy to find actually and I didn't think you would have to 'resort' to YHJ to get it. Last I looked, there were plenty of nice pieces around.

      It's a nice toy, I like the transport mode which can hold many trailers, good luck!


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