23 September 2010

Transformers Zone D-340: Metrotitan

This was a tough decision to make.

For years and years, I looked at photos of Metrotitan with disdain - 'what a horrible colour scheme', I would think to myself. 'For the usual asking prices for this piece, I would not bother', I also told myself. An opportunity did arise when a follow OZ Former member was selling some of his rare Japanese stuff. He was also selling a complete Metrotitan.

I caved in and bought Metrotitan for a few reasons: (i) bought it as part of a lot; (ii) price was reasonable, still expensive, but reasonable; (iii) I am pretty near the tail end of almost acquiring all the Japanese exclusive G1, so I figured 'why not buy it when the opportunity has presented itself?'.

Bought it. Brought it home. Sat and started at it for 15 minutes. Transformed it (nothing new since I've had Metroplex from yonks ago). Looked at it again.

'Hey, its actually pretty cool', I thought. For some reason, I actually thought that the colour scheme, garish as it appeared in photos, worked. The shade of blue was especially nice and not a shade I'd seen on any other Transformer. Somehow the blue, black, light gray and blood red seemed to mesh quite harmoniously, if not perfectly nicely. Oh, and its ahead of Metroplex because it has a micromaster and an extra ramp. Heh.

I also then thought about how special Metrotitan must have been in 1990. He was one of only 2 Decepticon releases in 1990 Japan (the other was Race Track Patrol). Poor guy had to battle hords of Autobots in 1990 with help only from 5 Micromasters (that includes Metrobomb, his Micromaster).

His story is worth a mention too. Quoted from TF Wiki: "Created on Saturn's moon, Titan, Metrotitan was appointed leader of the Metrosquad and schooled in the ways of evil by the Nine Great Demon Generals. His first mission upon activation was to attack the Autobot Lunar Zone Base on Earth's moon commanded by Rabbicrater.

He proved to be very impressive in battle, and even killed the veteran Autobot Galaxy Shuttle in his attack on the Lunar Zone Base. Metrotitan might even have been able to best Dai Atlas if Sonic Bomber hadn't kept the Metrosquad busy.

Metrotitan then unleashed his Freeze Beam Gun and used it to reduce the moon to an icy tomb. His freeze beam was even powerful enough to stop Sky Powered in its tracks. However, the Decepticon warrior was unprepared for the arrival of a third Powered Master named Road Fire. His freeze beam was easily countered by Road Fire's "Fire Kick" and Metrotitan was soundly defeated".

So here is my Metrotitan.
Condition: C9.5+
Stickers: C9.5+
Complete with instructions (sadly, no box)

Metrotitan and all his parts. As collectors would say, this is a figure one has to "get complete". Given its relative rarity, it'd be hell to hunt down all his parts.

Close up of parts that form Metroshot and Metrotank

Another close up of parts

Close up of Metrobomb (a repaint of Skystalker)

Close up of Metrobomb and Metrotank

Close up of head (He does not seem to have a rub sign)

Another close up of the head. His eye colour is unique I think.



  1. Woah..major poison leh! :-p

    Might wanna ask around too for this....heh!

  2. More poison: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2010/09/metrotitan-as-new-cybertron-city-of.html

    You just might have to get this too WSX


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