26 September 2010

Transformers Zone, C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB (part 2)

In this post, I take Sonic Bomber out of his box and feature him in his full glory. However, before that, a little bit about how Sonic Bomber fits into the Zone continuity (courtesy of TF Wiki):

"Following the creation of the Autobot Zone, the Decepticon Emperor Violen Jiger ordered his Nine Great Demon Generals on a campaign to conquer planets and create a Decepticon Zone to counter it. The Decepticons attacked planet Feminia and destroyed it completely, with Victory Saber lost in the destruction. However, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber, the Powered Master space explorers, had arrived in time to rescue the badly wounded Autobot Supreme Commander. The Decepticons then shifted their focus to Earth, where they hoped to obtain a powerful energy source called the Zodiac. Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber intercepted them on Earth, defeated them, and regained the Zodiac. Impressed with Dai Atlas' courage and power, and too injured to lead any longer, Victory Saber inaugurated Dai Atlas as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobots. Sonic Bomber became second in command.

Soon after, Evil Spirit General BlackZarak attacked the Earth and took Landshaker and Sky Hyper hostage. Driven by the need to rescue their comrades, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber defeated BlackZarak and rescued their friends." (to be continued in Part 3)

 Sonic Bomber comes out of his box, but still in the insert for the moment

Sonic Bomber with used sticker sheet and instructions

Instructions showing Sonic Bomber's motorised action. It's a little like Starcom if you catch what I mean. Very fortunate that my Sonic Bomber's motorised action still works like a charm.

Jet mode. I do like the sleek black jet that he transforms into. My one complain is the platform that becomes the ramp in base mode slightly compromising the aerodynamics of this mode.

Jet mode with yellow guns out

Close up of jet cockpit

Jet mode - sticker detail

Jet mode - armament detail. This yellow gun forms Sonic Bomber's heels in the robot mode. In jet mode, they can be armed like in the picture or retracted into the wing

Jet mode - top mounted gun detail

Jet mode - with Sonic Micromaster

Base mode. Not a very convincing base if you ask me and also not enough accessories.

Base mode - bird's eye view

Base mode

Base mode - side view

Base mode - side view

Sonic with Sonic Bomber in base mode

Next: Sonic Bomber - Robot mode

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