18 September 2010

C-323: Road Caesar Giftset MIB unused

Here's me catching up on posting some of the TFs I obtained in the last 6 months or so but have not got round to posting.

This is a set I picked up from a fellow OZ Former member during the Parramatta Collectibles Fair of 21 Feb 2010. The box condition is not as minty as the ones I usually acquire, but the set itself is in immaculate condition with all paperworks and stickers unused. Also, it came at a very good price.

I'm splitting this set of photos into 4 parts. This first post will contain pictures of the Giftset, then I will post individual posts of each member - Blacker, Laster and Braver. 

Introducing, my Transformers Victory C-323: Road Caesar giftset.

Box: C5 (some water damage)
Toys: C9.5
Paperworks: C10 (unused)

Very minty contents.

Minty contents with unused paperworks.

Close up of Blacker.

Close up of Laster

Close up of Braver


Unused sticker sheet for Blacker. There seems to be a lot of stickers that are completely silver.

All Road Caesar parts, unleashed from their styrofoam insert

Three swords aligned.

Each with their Brainmaster drivers.


Blaster ready Blacker

Battle ready Braver

The 3 Musketeers

I didn't combine Road Caesar exactly as per the instructions. I think this combination, with the legs less open at 90 degree angles, looks aesthetically and anthropomorphically more pleasing to the eyes.

Here's a comparison to illustrate what I mean. On the left is my preferred method of combination. On the right is the combination in accordance with the instructions.

I quite like the head sculpt. Love the blue eyes/visor.

Road Caesar with Grimlock. Yeah, that's how large Dinobots are. Live with it.

Road Caesar conclusion according to Cliffbee.com:

"A forgettable gestalt, Roadcaeser relies too much on add-on pieces, which is a by product of being a three-robot gestalt. While it's nice that Takara tried something different, it doesn't really come off. The bodyshape is odd with wide hips and a narrow torso - also a result the three-robot combination. While this combined mode is passable and has decent colours, it's weaker than most G1 gestalts and the components are all underwhelming anyway. Considering how much you're likely to pay for Roadcaeser, I can't recommend him. One for real fans of Victory or completists - 4/10"

I actually quite agree with this conclusion. Too bad, I'm a Victory completist and have to get this set. Heh.


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  1. But but, the 'un-official' gangly combo shown above make it look miles better!

  2. How much does a victory road caeser boxed set go for

    1. Usually 600- 800 depending on condition and obvisiously more for sealed

    2. Usually 600- 800 depending on condition and obvisiously more for sealed


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