19 September 2010

Transformers Masterforce - Aquastar, Borretto and Zetocca

Bought these little guys off a member on TFW2005 a few months back. Very happy to be able to obtain these 3 guys together. The three guys being the rare and individually sold recoloured Godmaster engines during the 1988 Transformers Masterforce series:
  • Aquastar (Hotwire/Ranger repaint);
  • Borretto (Lube repaint); and
  • Zetocca (Rev repaint).
I'm very happy with this set because each of the engines comes MIB, with insert, instructions and unpunched box flap. Really very pristine and nice. I don't know too much about them and suspect that they received little to no characterisation in the Masterforce series itself.

Aquastar, Borretto and Zetocca
Toy: C9.5 (solid chrome condition all round)
Box: C9.5 (unpunched card)

Here are some pictures.

In boxes, MIB. These boxes are tiny.

Back of the boxes. Despite the small box size, Takara still saw fit to include the 1988 back-of-box battle scene for these little guys. Check out the amount of robot points - 1/4 robot point per figure!

The MIB Godmasters with each of the US Powermasters.

Here they come, out of the box, each with their own little instruction sheet. The instruction sheets are not generic but is different and unique to each Godmaster. I must say though, why in the world would anyone need instructions for transforming a Godmaster/Powermaster engine? Just goes to show how meticulous the Japanese are.

Close up shot of the Godmasters (left to right) - Zetocca, Borretto and Aquastar

A comparison between the Japanese Godmasters and their US counterparts

A comparison of Japanese Godmasters and their US counterparts in engine mode

Another shot with their US counterparts

Getaway, Slapdash and Joyride with their original US release Powermaster engines and the Masterforce Godmaster engines in front.

Comparison between Getaway with Rev and Lightfoot with Zetocca

Comparison between Slapdash with Lube and Roadking with Borretto

Comparison between Joyride with Hotwire and Joyride with Aquastar. Unfortunately, I don't have Ranger in Sydney with me to also compare these 2 with the Ranger Godmaster engine, which is different - the Hotwire mold has been repainted into Aquastar and also Ranger.

And finally, a gratuitous shot of many little men, ahem, Godmasters/Powermasters. I do have all of them, but unfortunately, don't have all of them here with me.

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  1. Very very cool as usual, HD!
    Ive got Only a couple of Godmasters aside from Ginrai, almost getting gig and Mega as well! Haha, dont suppose you have a spare Double Clouder for sale? :-p


    Adam aka WSX

  2. Awesome comparison shots! I just bought these three today, I love the little boxes, the Powermasters themselves are so much nicer to see in person- the chromed parts really shine eh?! These I believe are a relatively rare and fun little part of the Japanese TF line, blessed to have found them locally in Vancouver B.C.
    Funny they didn't get their own numbers, did the Headmasters like Shuffler, Rodney etc have numbers? I do not own any yet- but am on the look out! Haha!


    1. Yeah, these are nice huh? Very nifty, but like the HMs sort of appeared to have been done as an afterthought because they appear so put of sync with the rest of Masterforce. To be honest, before Transformers Generations saw print, I didn't even know that these existed at all.

      Also, like the HMs, they were never individually assigned Japanese ID numbers. Like I said, out of sync.....


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