25 September 2010

Transformers Zone, C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB (part 1)

Continuing on the Transformers Zone trend after featuring Metrotitan a few days back.

This was on E's list of Transformers that she wants. It took awhile to look for one that was in good condition, complete and also at a reasonable price. I found this piece from Japan where the seller was selling Sonic Bomber and also Road Fire.

This piece is in immaculate condition and all the stickers have been lovingly applied. Even the motorised action still works!

Profile of Sonic Bomber from TF Wiki:

"Sonic Bomber is the youthful, energetic and happy-go-lucky second in command of the Autobots. He looks up to his Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas with respect and admiration. Though brash and cocky, Sonic Bomber knows when to shut up and do what he's told.

When he is combined with Dai Atlas, they become Sky Powered. However, when he's combined with Dai Atlas and Road Fire, they become the all-powerful Big Powered.

He is paired with his Micromaster partner, aptly named Sonic."

C-347: Sonic Bomber
Box: C9.5
Toy: C9.5
Paperworks: included

I found it interesting that Sonic Bomber's box art continues onto the bottom of his box.

The big red words in the yellow background probably says something like "motorised action".

Close up of the Micromaster that comes with Sonic Bomber, who is unimaginatively named - Sonic.

Picture of Sonic Bomber's plane mode

Picture of Sonic Bomber's base mode

Top of the box

Bottom of the box

Back of box

Close up of battle scene at the back of box. I like this scene, there is just so much going on and you can really see the play potential of the Micromasters and the Big Powered base.
Bottom of box back also featuring Dai Atlas and Road Fire and their combining potential

Sonic Bomber is worth 2 robot points. As with most Japanese Transformer releases, the robot point actually indicates which robot it came from - the words C-347 can be seen printed on the robot point.

1 half of Sonic Bomber's bio card. His tech specs are also shown here.

Sonic Bomber's bio card front

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