08 September 2010

The removalists are here right this moment

The removalists are here at my place right this moment. They are packing our stuff to be shipped to Hong Kong. 

All the Transformers I have in Australia have been packed. They are in 8 large "dishpacs" and 19 smaller "book/wine" boxes.

They are packing our clothes, dvds, books and other sundry items now.

In approximately 2 hours, the only Transformers I will have in my possession for the whole of next month are Minerva, Sonic Bomber MIB, Road Fire MIB, Galaxy Shuttle MIB and the Ravage USB.

~ HD


  1. All the best buddy.

  2. Never heard that term, the "removalists." Sounds awesome.

  3. Are you moving to HongKong?

  4. @Botch: dude, good to see you dropping by. Interesting point about "removalists". Found some interesting story of it here: http://www.oup.com.au/dictionaries/wotm/removalist

    @Mike: yup, moving to HK!


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