24 September 2010

Metrotitan as New Cybertron - City of Steel of Beta

In the spirit of Fortress Maximus starring in Autobot City: Earth and Decepticon Siege Bunker - Overlord, I present Metrotitan as New Cybertron (the Beta version, following from Megatron's failed New Cybertron schemes in "City of Steel").

The extremely malevolent Metrotitan has co-opted the Autobot Zone Generals, Sonic Bomber and Road Fire as parts of New Cybertron - very much like how the Decepticons used parts of Optimus Prime for various defensive emplacements in the first version of New Cybertron.

So, here we are: New Cybertron (Beta version).

The city is bustling with activity, evil activity.

Aerial view

Manned defensive battery

By an Autobot Powermaster no less. Metrotitan has all sorts of mind warping powers.

Additional control chips (courtesy of Dr Arkeville) must be used to keep Road Fire docile.

Decepticon raiding party (no, not as nasty as the Stunticons!)

"I want you to continue drilling till you find the electrum."

Metrotank deploying

Destron Headmaster Juniors playing Games of Deception

Destron Emperor Megatron commanding the offensive...

... fire at will!

Morning roll call:the transtectors for Go-Shooter, Minerva, Carb, Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer.

Afternoon roll call (these are naughty kids, gotta keep them in line)

The command tower

Destrons, scramble!


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