02 October 2010

Transformers Zone, C-371: Grandus

This post is dedicated to my buddy fatbot from OZ Formers, who is very fond of the Grandus toy.

I am releasing this at the same time (more or less) as the owner of Cliffbee.com is releasing his review of Grandus, which is based on this Grandus. Some symmetry there, I would like to think.

I'm delighted that Cliffbee validates my view that this is a good toy despite it being, as the fandom commonly calls it, a brick. It is a brick, but it is fun for what it was designed for - the base mode.

By 'chance', I purchased this from a TFW2005 member who was selling off key pieces of his Japanese Exclusive collection. I wanted to also get the Big Powered Giftset and Galaxy Shuttle MIB from him, but he already sold them to other members. Still, I'm happy that I was able to secure Grandus, MIB, and stickers unapplied.

The Battlestars story (from TF Wiki):

"To counter the threat of Dark Nova, the Autobots formed an elite sub-group known as the Battlestars, headlined by Sky Garry and Grandus. Their mission was to revive Optimus Prime so that he might thwart Dark Nova.

Aware of the mission of the Battlestars, Dark Nova stole Optimus Prime's body and cloned it as the evil False Convoy. Grandus and Spinner proved instrumental in defeating False Convoy before he could kill Sixliner. After False Convoy's defeat, Grandus and the Battlestars rescued the fallen Supreme Commander's corpse from the Great Novaroid forces on planet Lucifer. Using the power of the Zodiac, they brought Optimus Prime back to life and upgraded him into Star Convoy.

Later, Grandus was stuck cleaning up the remaining Novaroid and Galaman soldiers on planet Lucifer while Star Convoy and Sixliner faced Super Megatron alone on Earth.

Grandus eventually joined the other Battlestars in a space battle against Super Megatron and his Great Galaman warriors. Combining into the Triple Combination Battlestar Attack, they shot Super Megatron to pieces.

Dark Nova then revealed himself and upgraded Super Megatron into Ultra Megatron. Then after that, the Decepticon Emperor merged with Ultra Megatron to become the Star Giant. Grandus and the other Battlestars traveled into Star Giant's stomach and took the behemoth apart from the inside-out, narrowly escaping just as their foe exploded and died."

C-371: Grandus MIB
Box: C8 (front plastic window slightly damaged)
Toy: C9.5, bone white
Paperworks: complete, stickers unapplied

C-326: Galaxy Shuttle, C-360: Sky Garry and C-371: Grandus

Grandus MIB. Love the box art of Grandus. I noticed that instead of depicting the robot mode, which box art usually does, Grandus is actually depicted in his base mode.

Close up of box art

Top of box

Bottom of box

Side of box


Back of box

Details of Grandus play features

Grandus is worth 5 robot points. That's quite a lot of robot points for a toy that is not exactly very large.

Grandus out of box and in insert with full compliment of paperworks including unused sticker sheet.

Grandus with all his parts and paperworks

Close up detail of Grandus parts

Close up detail of Grandus parts - these yellow parts are tiny. I'm guessing the the 2 small radar dishes would ordinarily be easily lost by children.


Close up of sticker sheet. It won't stay 'unused' or unapplied for too long. I plan to apply all of Grandus' stickers before long... heh.

Head detail

Grandus is aircraft carrier mode with Galaxy Shuttle (instead of Sky Garry)

Galaxy Shuttle preparing to launch

Launch pad detail

Blast off!


  1. Very nice piece again there, H_D!

    Congrats, glad he's very cool!

  2. Thanks WSX. He is from devstar, heh.

  3. Hi, i have also a grandus. But the ramps and the truck are black... Can you tell me why?

    1. hey buddy, I have no idea 'why'. Perhaps the ramps were swapped?
      As for the Micromaster, I know of no other version than the one that came with Grandus. Certainly have not seen a black one.

    2. leave me your e mail.. i ll send you a picture.. then you ll know what i mean.

  4. gotta love some of 80's classic epic awesomeness from japan's transformers legendary franchise


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