18 September 2010

Transformers Victory Brainmaster C-321: Laster

This post follows from: C-323 - Road Caesar giftset

Profile from TF Wiki:

"Laster (ラスター Rasutā) is so cool, he's practically coated with ice. He is constantly observing everything and everyone around him, and there are very few places one can escape to that do not fall under his watchful eye. But Laster is not watchful because it is his job to be: he's watchful because he's anti-social, preferring to simply observe others, rather than interact with them. His social detachment suits the other Autobots just fine, too, because his icy demeanour constantly puts them on edge.

As a Brainmaster, Laster possesses incredible skill, strength, intelligence and courage. While his teammates Blacker and Braver exemplify strength and intelligence in particular, Laster embodies the slightly less-definable endowment of "skill", which essentially seems to mean that he is "good at stuff"; the "all-rounder" of the Brainmaster trio, if you will. While he does not have Blacker's raw warrior instincts on the battlefield, he can evade any trap with the agility and talent of a veteran of hundreds of conflicts. And while he may not match Braver in the laboratory, Laster knows his way around a circuit board, and has invented many simple devices that have helped the Autobots in battle against the Decepticons.

Laster's smallest robot form is the Brain of Skill, which combines with a Transtector that transforms into a sports car. In this mode, Laster's figuratively "icy" personality takes on a literal bent when he spins his wheels at full speed, activating climate control devices mounted within them to freeze his enemies solid with sub-zero temperatures. Laster combines with his fellow Brainmasters Blacker and Braver into Road Caesar, forming the right leg of the super robot."

 Whew. That was long. At least Laster has a more interesting profile than toy. However uninteresting this toy is, I think its still the best among the 3 brainmaster robots, which are all pretty weak. I don't know, maybe its just my weakness for Countachs (ie: Laster's car mode). I also like the head-sculpt the most.

Cliffbee.com says the following in conclusion:

"More than anything else, Laster suffers from being far too simple for his size. The sculpt, articulation and transformation are all a joke, although I'm glad the model of car is very easy to pick. The Brainmasters that combine to form Roadcaeser far too simple to offer any impressive engineering. The brain gimmick is okay, but isn't enough to make the Transformer work. If you could snap this guy up for retail he'd be okay, but he's not worth the premium his rarity will likely add to the price. If you want just one Brainmaster (of the Roadcaeser group), this is the one I'd recommend - 4/10"

Like this head-sculpt. Blue eyes, yah!

I like this car mode the best among the 3 Brainmasters.

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