18 May 2010

New Arrivals - featuring packing boxes

Collected these from concierge yesterday - 2 large boxes (Scrapper for scale) and one small box. These boxes contain Dinoking MIB, an assortment of Micromasters and from Canada, Skyhammer MIB, Octopunch MOC and Pincher MOC.

The 2 'humongomous' boxes!

I got my Skyhammer MIB, Octopunch MOC and Pincher MOC from a seller in Canada. I paid C$70.97 for shipping, he shipped it on 6 March 2010 and I received it on 14 May 2010. I knew shipping from Canada takes some time, I never imagined that it really does take half a lifetime to arrive. Still, I'm glad that they are here.

My assortment of Micromasters from a seller on the TFW2005 boards. So glad to have gotten 3/4 of the Air Patrol (and Blazemaster with his 'copter blade), perhaps the most difficult Micromaster Patrol to locate. My last 1/4 of the Air Patrol is on its way from the States...

Okay, so I didn't open these last night, how could I have resisted? I'm waiting for E to return home and will open them together.

Will post an update soon-ish.

~ HD

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