08 May 2010

Pre-Transformers MC-19: Scopeman (aka Micro-change, Chameleon Products) MI(S)B

Very happy to come across this during my HK-SG trip in April this year.

I did not buy this right-away but thought about it for a couple of days before returning to inspect it and then buying it. I have no idea how difficult this is to find, but it is certainly something quite rare from the Pre-Transformers period. Scopeman is stamped "Takara 1974, 1980", so its been around for longer than I have.

I was pleasantly surprised at how immaculately pristine the box, the toy, its contents and all its paperworks is when I opened it up for inspection. It was as if it had never been opened before. Of that, I would never know because Takara products from the Pre-Transformer period, as far as I know, do not come taped up. That is to say, there is no sticky tape on their boxes. 

They can be opened up and then put back in their boxes and no one would be able to tell. Or they could have never been opened before - ie: MISB. To me, this Scopeman is as good as MISB, but since I'll never know whether its been opened prior to me inspecting, I'll just call it MI(S)B. heh.

Without further ado, here are some detailed pictures of this Pre-Transformers gem.


  1. congratulations!! nice piece. I was tempted to buy it buy i decided that i had enough of the Microman line (i have the MC-07, MC-11 and MC-12).
    However. I think that all the line is really cool. And the paperwork is amazing. dont you think?

    You can check it HERE if you like.

  2. It's a really nice piece and very very close to MISB. I actually hesitated for a bit because it was not cheap, but in the end after opening it and inspecting, I was so blown away that I bought it there and then.

    The paper work is amazing like you said. I've taken pictures of the inside of the Microman catalogue and will post these separately. Lots of nice art and many other products that did not become Transformers.

    Oh, I stopped by your site. Very amazing collection you have there. Very impressed by the number of variants and pre-transformers that you have.

  3. Nice site HD. and a fantastic collection. Love the box art on some of these pre-Transformers.

  4. Thanks Prial! Thanks for taking the time to stop over from Botch's!


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