16 May 2010

Pre-Transformers Microman Secret File catalogue

This is the catalogue that came with my MC-19: Scopeman, which is a Takara pre-Transformers toy that did not subsequently get made into a Transformer. Since my MC-19: Scopeman was MI(S)B, it came with all its original paperwork. What was interesting perhaps the most interesting part about its paperwork was the Microman catalogue - the "Microman Secret File" as it is called.

This was more than a catalogue. In addition to the standard type 'catalogue shots of toys', it also contains a comic strip and also painted battle scenes of the Microman toys.

Browsing through the catalogue was like a walk through history, to see the original colour schemes of the toys that became Transformers and also to see the unique toys that did not make it as Transformers.

I have taken some interior shots of the catalogue to illustrate what I mean. No plans on my part to properly scan the entire catalogue yet.


Cover of catalogue.

Microman robot that became Blaster

These 2 guys transforms into locks. I've never seen them before.

This is the Microman comic strip. In it, the robots do not mass shift and are literally tiny robots when transformed.

MC-22 transforms into a torchlight. Also have never seen this before.

MC-19: Scopeman and MC-20: Magnificus?

These should be pretty familiar to TF fans...

Oohh... "Bumblejumper" was actually blue!

Pre-Transformers Browning, Megatron, a revolver guy and transforming spheres?!?

This is a shot of (probably) all the Microman toys with a kid for good measure (and for scale no doubt). A close up shot below.


  1. Stumbled upon your post through a Google alert (I have them set to let me know when Google finds anything with Microman in it).

    As you mentioned, Microman was almost entirely 1/1 scale (although the original 70's manga comic had bad guys that mass shifted to giant size, and they could also shrink humans down to Microman size). Most robots and figures had at least one alternate color scheme and were usually packed randomly with no specific assigned color--there are alternate colors for some of these guys that aren't even shown in the Secret File booklet. The photo on the back shows the entire range of the 1982-1984 MicroChange sub-series, the last series before the line was canceled in favor of Transformer re-branding in Japan. The entire Microman line which started in 1974 would take several tables this size to display in its entirety (and that's not even counting the stuff from the relaunch of the series later). :D The flashlight never made it to production, though a few other prototype photos have been found.

    You can find a mountain of info about Microman and MicroChange at http://www.microforever.com

    And here's a rough overview of the toys' history and relationship with Transformers as part of a larger interview I did: http://www.fanmode.net/2009/07/17/fanmode-interview-bryan-wilkinson-part-5/

    Congratulations on your find and welcome to the world of Microman!

  2. Also, for anyone wanting to see a full scan of the Secret File you can check out Jack's scans here on Flickr:


  3. I still have home that Takara will reissue some of this figures some day.

    Oh! There are a lot of minicars repaints. Do you know the green and the white Brazilian Bumblejumper? You can see the pictures <a http://www.blogtransformers.com/2010/05/614-bumblejumper-sedan-de-estrela-verde.html

    Also i like to invited to see mi minicars (if you like of course) http://www.blogtransformers.com/2010/05/invasion-de-minicars.html



  4. hi Bryan,

    Thanks for stopping by. I had a quick browse of the sites you recommended (they were nice) and realised that you are, in your way, a celebrity in the Microman world!

    I'd surely be interested to learn more about Microman and their alternate coloured robots. I think Andres has mentioned some below.

    Scopeman was a surprise find and an opportunistic purchase. Before I bought it, I was going over in my head how he could be an Autobot who is the arch nemesis to Reflector and what his powers would be. As it is, the Microman box actually does give a fair bit of detail about his abilities and weapons, which is great.

    If he was incepted into the TF universe, he would surely have been the predecessor to "Longview", the yellow real gear binoculars from the 2007 Movie line.


    Popped over to your site and saw your ARMY of minicars! Gosh, I don't dare to count how many you have there. I see you have the yellow, green, blue and white version of "Bumblejumper".

    Absolutely love the Autobot Spike custom. I wish I had the skill to do something like that or that someone would sell me such a cool custom!

    ~ HD

  5. Just thought I'd mention some things, you said the blue mini car was Bumblejumper's (Bumper's) pre-colours, but that is actually Hubcap (as seen from the face) and the spheres are the guys who would later be used in Beast Wars as Eggbot, Eggleo and Eggbird

    1. hi Aesir, thanks for dropping by! Thanks for the info on the egg-bots, didn't know they appeared in Beast Wars.

      I had a look again and I think the blue mini-car is indeed Bumblejumper's ("Bumper") pre-colours. Hupcap has a different head, but shares the same body as Cliffjumper; the blue mini-car has neither a Cliffjumper body or Bumblebee body but instead Bumblejumper's body, which is a distinct mold in itself. The head does not appear to be a Hubcap head but that of Bumper's too?


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