01 May 2010

Bumblejumper aka Bumper

This is one of "variant" mini-bots from '84/85 that I have not gotta around to acquiring until this year. I was initially not very interested in 'Bumblejumper', who is popularised by Dreamwave and affectionately known as "Bumper" in there. However, I managed to secure Bumper as part of a job lot of Transformers which I was buying directly from a US seller. The lot consists of Needlenose (which I needed), Bumblebee in red (good to have, but not essential), Brawn (one of many that I have), Cliffjumper (again, one of many) and Bumper.

It's a bonus that Bumper has good tight joints and very nice stickers (or ermmm, Autobot insignia actually).

Mugg shot

With Bumblebee (red)

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