30 May 2010

D-328: Dinoking Giftset - Photos Part 1

I'll write more about this giftset soon, but right now, here are some detailed pictures of the set.

Next: Out of the box and into the insert!


  1. Now I realise how much I miss my Dinoking! I sold mine last year. No box but was complete. He's a great figure. Love the Dinosaur art on the box also. Well done.

  2. Beautiful. Much nicer than Monstructor.

  3. Wow, was its original price back then 3980yen? To think that its value went up so much over the years...

  4. @Prial: The odd thing is that I've not seen a Dinoking on auction in the past 10 years on eBay, no joke. I only recently saw this guy called "toykobancho" selling a Dinoking, but with each part as a separate auction. Which is why I was struggling so much when negotiating to buy my piece - I just had no idea what sort of price range is reasonable or exorbitant. Then literally a few days after mine arrived, the mythical $2.5 auction popped up on eBay starting at US$499.

    @Jay: It's more durable than Monstructor too. No GPS. heh.

    @Deadpool: it was pretty cheap back in the day huh? TFs appreciate even faster than year on year inflation and people's pay rises.


    Stay tuned good sirs, part 2 of Dinoking photos will be up shortly!


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