05 May 2010

Operation Combiner, TF-02: Sixwing giftset, unused

This was another acquisition during my April HK/SG trip. During this trip, I bought a truck load of Micromaster combiners, some reissue, some original vintage. Went a long way toward completing the Operation Combiner line.

Of the Micromaster combiner giftsets, Sixwing is perhaps the most difficult to find, be it the original or the reissue. I was fortunate enough to find an unused set in Richmond Centre, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. It was at a pretty good price too and definitely cheaper than what even the less rare sets like Sixbuilder or Sixtrain would go for on eBay.

As with all the Micromaster combiners, this set features very nice box art. The special thing about the Micromaster combiner giftsets is that each box art comes with a unique and different background too.




Nice diorama battle scene. They just don't do stuff like that nowadays.

The contents of the giftset


Unused sticker sheet

Sixwing among lots of other combiners. Can you spot him?

For more combiner goodness, see here.

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