26 May 2010

D-328: Dinoking giftset auction update - now at USD$1,500.99

It's been approximately 24 hours since I wrote the post below, and no prizes for guessing, the Dinoking auction has gone up another few notches in terms of price!

It now has 15 bids and the winning bid at the moment is US$1500.99.

Auction link with actual auction title (but despite what it says, this is not an AFA graded piece): Transformers G1 Victory Dinoking Giftset MISB D-328 AFA

It has 1 day and 16 hours to go, so I'll be back here tomorrow to report on progress. In the meantime, I'm going to have to revise my estimate of how much I think this will go for. As Jay commented yesterday, there's a very good chance this will hit the $2,000 mark.

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