02 May 2010

Masterforce Spakabots Hardspark, Hotspark and Wildspark MIB

Got these when I stopped over in HK on the way back from Singapore in April. One of the shops I frequent at Yau Ma Tei had all 6 spark mini-Transformers for sale as a set (ie: the 3 Autobot Spakabots and 3 Decepticon Firecons).

There was a slight premium on the price but seeing that some of these Japanese exclusive recolours are very difficult to obtain alone and individually, I decided to buy the set from the shop. Overall, it is a good  price and would have saved me a lot of time and trouble from hunting these down individually.

The Masterforce Spakabots.

Fortunately, their names are written on the back of the packaging. Otherwise, I just would not remember them.

Each in their own little foam tray.

C-313: Hardspark
(repaint of US series 4, Guzzle)

Box = C9
Toy = C9


C-314: Hotspark
(repaint of US series 4, Sizzle)

Box = C9
Toy = C8 (slightly dusty and dirty)


C-315: Wildspark
(identical paint scheme with US series 4, Fizzle)

Far as I can tell, Wildspark is identical to Fizzle except maybe for the colour of the facepaint. Wildspark has a yellow face like his boxart while Fizzle has a red face. Other than that, the colour scheme is identical.

Box = C9
Toy = C8


The Spakabots and Firecons

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