19 May 2010

Japanese Victory D-328 Dinoking giftset - preliminary photos

Just cracked this open tonight with E and snapped some quick rough shots.

The Dinoking giftset box is actually pretty impressive. It's larger, thicker and heavier than the Liokaiser and Raiden giftsets for example and its pretty sturdy.

Cracking open the packing box...

Layers upon layers of packing material. Very well packed.

Dinoking with his contemporary, Monstructor.

Hey, Yokuryu is missing!

Actually, E is transforming it.

Will take better pics over the weekend.

~ HD


  1. Hi there HD! Was wondering how much did you pay for this beautiful set? Did it cost an arm and leg to buy? I wish I could afford it... But congratz! The toy is MIB and unused! Wow. Excellent.

  2. Thanks dude!

    Hmmm... all I can say is that it's not cheap. It's the second most expensive TF I've bought, inching out Grand Maximus MI(S)B by being more expensive by $200+... =p


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