25 May 2010

Wow, C-328: Dinoking giftset MISB auction on eBay

For years and years, I have not seen a Dinoking giftset on auction on eBay. That was how rare it was (and still is). Now, a couple of days after I have acquired Dinoking, I see an auction on eBay for Dinoking, MISB no less!

Judging from the questions that the seller's been asked, it seems that there is quite a bit of interest for this piece from China. I'm not surprised that interest for this would come from many parts of the world because this giftset used to only be available in Japan and a few other Asian countries back in 1989. So, there isn't a large quantity of these produced back in the day (and also factoring in Transformers' declining popularity by the 90s).

There's still 2 more days to go and its already bidded up to US$1225.00 now!

Auction link with actual auction title (but despite what it says, this is not an AFA graded piece): Transformers G1 Victory Dinoking Giftset MISB D-328 AFA


  1. Mad. Care to make a prediction for final value? I think the seller will lose a lot of good visibility due to it being a US only listing. I still think it'll hit 2K though.

  2. hmmm... im thinking $1600 thereabouts, but it seems like its sure to exceed that. Hey, check out the photos of the tapes at both ends... i'm thinking its not really MISB?

  3. man... i hate the sellers that only ship to USA. Its no hard! You only have to write a diferent contry in the Box!!!

  4. I think most (as this one has admitted) or just oblivious to it. Which is unfortunate for their sake, as internationally available auctions consistently end much higher.

    As to the tape HD, that's not my area of expertise. Does it look illegitimate to you?

  5. I've asked this guy, for fun, and he did say that he's more than happy to ship overseas. So it must have been his mistake when he listed the item. To be fair, sellers have to fill out a customs form as well when they ship overseas and some sellers are just not prepared to do that! Shocking I know, but that's the world.

    @Jay: The tape is not my expertise as well, but if you look at the photo, the part below the tape seems to be a little worn. And if you look closely at the box edges and flaps (parts where you have to flip up to open the box), the appear to have some wear and is grazed at parts that would not have been grazed or worn if the box has always remained sealed. I'm not expert, but that's the conclusion I'm drawing so far...


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