27 May 2010

D-328: Dinoking giftset auction update - 24 hours and 5 bids later

So here we are, 24 hours and 5 more bids later... the fabled D-328 Dinoking giftset auction is now at a whopping highest bid of US$2034.99!

With only less than 15 hours to go, who knows what's going to happen. This has already gone beyond my expectations and is hovering around the amount that Jay predicted. Will it go higher tomorrow? Will go past the $2.5K mark? We'll see tomorrow.

Auction link with actual auction title (but despite what it says, this is not an AFA graded piece): Transformers G1 Victory Dinoking Giftset MISB D-328 AFA

1 comment:

  1. Nearly 2.5K on the dot. Mad!

    Well, I hope the purchaser is happy :)


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