20 May 2010

New Arrivals - from Canada

As mentioned here, these 3 guys arrived from Canada on Monday.

Monday was like Christmas - with the arrival of the Dinoking giftset, a job lot of Micromasters and then the 3 pretenders from Canada.

Skyhammer MIB, Octopunch MOC and Pincher MOC took about 2 months to arrive from Canada. It was a long wait. So long that I almost forgotten that they were on the way. After looking at the pieces, I'd say the wait was worth it.

All of these are in C9+ condition, immaculately preserved and with no paint chips whatsoever. For the 1989 pretenders, that's saying a lot. At the very least, this Skyhammer is in a more than acceptable condition and I know I will keep him (a couple of years back, I almost threw away an incomplete Skyhammer from a large lot of TFs I bought; the condition was just that unacceptable).

Here is a pic, will have more up soon.

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