03 May 2010

Masterforce Firecons Guzzle, Sizzle, Jabile MIB

Fire, fire, firecons! My brother and I used to love these guys when we were young. Our favourite was Cindersaur (repainted as Guzzle in Masterforce). These are extremely simple toys, but fun to play with - hey, they give out sparks!

I like these guys!

D-319: Guzzle
(repaint of US Series 4, Cindersaur)

This, I'm told, is the rarest one among the 6. The most difficult to find, but not very expensive when found piece. The naming is confusing to say the least. "Guzzle" is the name of the US Series 4 Sparkabot that transforms into a tank, which for Masterforce is renamed as Hardspark. Confused yet?

D-320: Sizzle
(identical of US Series 4, Flamefeather)

Again, the naming is confusing. "Sizzle" is the name of the US Series 4 Sparkabot that transforms into a black car, which for Masterforce is renamed as Hotspark. Confused again.

Having spoke to a few collectors about it, we cannot figure out whether Sizzle is identical to Flamefeather. The colour scheme certainly looks identical. The colour of the face is perhaps the only indication or point of difference. It is possible the Japanese release has a slightly more yellowish face while the US release had a slightly more greenish face. However, this can only be determined when looking at the toys physically and extremely hard to tell from photos.

D-321: Jabile
(repaint of US Series 4, Sparkstalker)

While Jabile and Sparkstalker looks identical at first glance, their paints schemes are actually slightly different. Sparkstalker has a deeper, richer and more saturated pink which borders on purple while Jabile is a deep shade of pink which is very close to red.


  1. I have a loose Jabile, but I've never been able to track down a boxed version. I only recently realized that Guzzle was slightly different from his U.S. counterpart so now I'm on the lookout for him.

  2. These guys are quite tricky to find boxed and difficult to find all of them boxed, perhaps because they are so obscure and also because they are tiny. The really odd thing is that not many collectors notice (or realise) that "Guzzle" is actually differently coloured from Cindersaur, even if they had watched the Masterforce cartoon, which misleadingly coloured Guzzle in Cindersaur colours!

    Maz and myself have actually discussed this a little and he has posted an article which in part talks about Guzzle - http://tfsource.com/blog/in-their-own-words-part-1/ (perhaps you have read this?)


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