18 October 2007

Them little monsters - a prediction of price increase

Continued from: Them little monsters

I have a theory about the price of them little monsters, which is the main reason I acquired them back here.

Here's the theory: there is every likelihood that Monstructor prices will rise even more over the next 3 to 4 months.

I'm comparing this situation with what I like to call the 'Sunstorm Surprise' in 2003/2004. Sunstorm was a 'wtf is this character' when released? But a few months later his price skyrocketed due to the first story arc in Dreamwave's TF G1 vol 3.

*warning, possible spoilers if you have not read Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime and/or Dreamwave TF G1 vol. 3 #4*
  • Sunstorm was released in limited numbers (eHobby exclusive); Monstructor could even be more limited. The vintage and fragility factor further lowers its supply. Add to that the fact that Japan never got a Jap box Monstructor equivalent (they got Dinoking) and it follows that supply is even more limited than most would suspect.
  • Sunstorm played a pivotal role in Dreamwave's TF G1 vol 3; Monstructor is going to play a very pivotal role in IDW's TF continuity. (i) Monstructor is the first even gestalt, not Devastator (they are incidentally composed of 6 robots like Devastator, thereby making good sense); (ii) the first ever TF gestalt was created by the Autobots, not Decepticons; (iii) Prime didn't kill them but is going to study them ensuring that they will at least play a part in the upcoming Devastation arc, and will be literally the father of every gestalt that comes after, in the IDW-verse.
  • Fans were impressed when Sunstorm fought Omega Supreme to a standstill (winning after cheating); Monstructor took Omega to the cleaners, what will fans think? (see comparison below)
  • All these pivotal events were penciled by Don Figueroa, widely regarded as the best TF artist now.
  • All the above will have an effect because the IDW comics are the only source of new G1 material to shape fans' imaginations and fuel demand.
That's my prediction. Spotlight Optimus was published in Aug 2007, so I think a hike in price may start to occur in Dec or early Jan next year, but only time will tell.

Monstructor vs Omega Supreme (left); Sunstorm vs Omega Supreme (right)

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