22 October 2007

Heroic Decepticon goes live!

I have chosen to launch Heroic Decepticon today.

I am an insane, slightly out-of-wack collector who is only interested in G1 Transformers and mythology. I love everything G1- toys, box art, boxes, instructions, tech specs and even the packing bubbles. I can't really say I care too much for the post G1 lines, there is simply no affinity there.

Some quick links of, what I think, are potentially interesting to a TF fan:
  • Photos of my collection are here.
  • The Origin Story of my collection, starts here.
  • My view of classic TF controversies can be found here.
  • Search the 'Site Navigation' section (right) for more.
Special thanks goes to Sentient Development, Dirge of OZ Formers (Cliffbee.com), Raymond T. and AQ. [edit] Thanks also to Botch the Crab whose thoughts crept in early this morning, after returning from Boston.

'till all are one,

heroic decepticon
23rd October 2007

PS: These are my all time favourite Transformers. What about you?


  1. You. Are. Mad.

    You realize the irony of launching a transformers website to thank your girlfriend for the patience she has shown while you pursue this obsession? In any case, if there was ever a person who should be responsible for educating the wider public about Transformers, it would be you. I suggest you start planning your 400-man, $5 billion, 367 days a year Transformers road show, if only to punish and enslave!

    Always remember, there's nothing more badass that a fighter plane transforming into a robot in mid air, beating the crap out of a couple of planes, transforming back into a fighter plane and jetting of. Oh yeah, except a truck transforming into a robot while racing down the highway, rollerblading down the center lane and smacking a car out of its way like a little piece of mosquito dung.

    Here's a question, are any of the Autobots transgender?

    PS: When is your Gobots website going live?

  2. I have seen many a website in my time time; And I would have to say this is definitley in the top 10 transformer sites on the web. This unlike most sites aires a certain originality, and is coming from a inside viewpoint. The reviews are insightful and intelligent and the collections impecable, Heroic Decepticon, is definitly a serious contender and definitely a forerunner for indepth knowledge and inofrmation with all things Transformers Generation 1.

    I completely recommend this site to all, it is entertaining and seriously full of Energon!!!

    Please all keep posted to this fabulous site, for it finally brings back the core values in which all original transformer fans were brought up on!


  3. This site Rocks


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