06 October 2007

The Grand daddy of Transformers - the beginning

*These events happened in August 2005.*

Grand Maximus

‘Hey DV, I’m going to HK. Any Transformers news?’

‘I just returned from HK. Bought lots of Transformers. Wanted to buy more but couldn’t lug them all back. I let a Grand Maximus slip’ DV, the owner of a Singapore based toy shop, lamented.

‘Hmmm… really? What happened?’ I was sceptical, after all even if a rare gem such as Grand Maximus can be found; it really wouldn’t be very cheap anyway.

‘My HK friend brought me to this shop and showed me a MISB Grand Max that he initially said is not for sale. I asked to open it to check the contents. Man, it was the real thing, damn nice. The shop-owner asked for (an equivalent of) S$1500 but said that he would give it to me at (the equivalent of) S$1300’ DV swallowed, then looked at me with expectant eyes.

‘And?’ I was prepared to dance to his tune to know more.

‘I was pretty broke since that was my last day there, and I already had too many things to carry so I decided to try my luck. I told him that I would buy it for (the equivalent of) S$1000’

‘He said no I suppose.’

‘Yeah. He said no and told me to get lost. To get out of his shop. He said I was trying to insult him’ he said with anguish in his voice.

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