14 October 2007

Operation Combiner

Over the past 2 months or so, I was a little combiner mad.

It started with Computron and Abominus and just ended, hopefully, with Monstructor. My rules for buying combiners are that they (1) must be 100% complete; (2) must have instructions; (3) must have all tech specs and preferably the leader’s box; and (4) must be at least C9 and above in condition.

Summary of cost (inclusive shipping):
  • 27 Jul 2007: Computron, S$196.41
  • 27 Jul 2007: Abominus, S$196.41
  • 02 Aug 2007: Piranacon, S$323.31
  • 09 Sep 2007: Bruticus, S$205.55
  • 08 Oct 2007: Monstructor, S$408.00

Operation Combiner... still waiting on Monstructor

Computron and Abominus, I am happy with. The bonus is that they come with partial backing cards as well.

Computron eBay auction

Abominus eBay auction

Piranacon is a tad high but in great condition as well.

Piranacon eBay auction

Bruticus is perhaps my favourite acquisition among the lot so far. It is not 100% complete, but I bought this lot more for the cardbacks which still have their bubbles attached! The Onslaught box and cardbacks are absolutely beautiful, clean pristine and sleek. If I wanted to, I could reseal all the Combaticons into the cardbacks quite convincingly. Happy with this.

Bruticus eBay auction

Beautiful Combaticon cardbacks

Monstructor is the most excessive of the lot- costing a whopping US$277 inclusive shipping. It is so insane that I immediately wrote the story of its acquisition here, and also posted it onto the OZ Formers site here. I received mixed reactions, some violent, the most common being ‘you paid way too much for this crappy/lousy set’. Admittedly, I did. I paid US$50-70 more than I should have. I am still waiting on this set’s arrival, waiting to see how well it either satisfies or disappoints me.

Monstructor eBay auction

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