25 October 2007

Blastin' with Blaster's box art

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For the second part of the tribute, I contributed an updated high quality scan of the Blaster box art to Botch's Box Art Archive.

I scanned the box art in from my MIB Blaster, which has his left foot and left ear cut off. With Photoshop, I touched up slight flaws and optimized its colour, contrast and saturation to make the reds and yellows more vibrant. I made his left 'ear' whole. Lastly, I had to re-construct his left foot from scratch by using the previous low resolution box art scan for reference.

The foot is perhaps the most challenging part. Many edits were done on this. I did an edit, which my friend found unsatisfactory. We then sat down together to do another 2 edits over 2 nights before asking for Botch's comment and together coming up with what is on the Box Art Archive now.

Blaster box art editing

So there it is, the current Blaster box art is from me. What an honour! It can be seen here. Botch's tribute post to Blaster can be seen here.

A great big thank you to Botch for giving me this wonderful opportunity to appropriately contribute to the Transformers fandom through such a core G1 character and one that is dear to me.

And that was it, my second tribute to Blaster. I enjoyed Blastin' with Blaster, I hope you did too!

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  1. Insert Transformers cartoon stock "rock 'n' roll" music here.

  2. '...you got the Touch, you got the power... yeah!'


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