01 October 2007

SDCC exclusive Alternators Rodimus

I missed out the first time round.

In fact, I missed out on Alternators Mirage and KISS Player Hot Rodimus- the only Alternator/ Binaltech toy molds that I do not have. Seeing that I love the series and have every one ever released, it is quite unfathomable why I missed these 2 (I did manage to claw my way to a BT-18 clear Mirage though).

When I heard the the SDCC (San Diego Comic Convention) exclusive Alternator Rodimus is making its rounds, exclusively, in Toyworlds here in Australia, I was determined to get it.

The only problem is this- the nearest Toyworld for a Sydney resident is about an hour drive away, on a good day. For some reason, all the Toyworlds in NSW are at the outskirts. I considered driving to all of them but settled for going to the Blue Mountains to have a bushwalk and go by any Toyworld on the way instead.

Well, none of the Toyworlds I stopped at had the elusive SDCC Rodimus. Fortunately, Griffin from the OZ Formers boards did the fandom a great service and sourced Alt Rodimus' from the Brisbane side. He obtained 5 on 1st October and offered me one!

It made my day. I am finally going to get me an Alt Rodimus. Thank you Griffin!

With your gracious help, I am no longer missing out!


Update 10th October 2007

It arrived! Thanks Griffin!

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