08 October 2007

Them little monsters

I just did a mad thing today.

It was not something I started out the day thinking I would do. I started out thinking about it, about the possibility, but did not commit anything to my mind. I thought I could bid if it were a good deal.

40 minutes before the auction was slated to end was the time I found out there was no good deal to be had, or was there? Bidding for the complete Pretender Monsters set (a la Monstructor) was at US$255.00, a large amount when measured in either Australian or Singapore dollars.

I looked around eBay and found the asking prices for Monstructor sets of similar content were around US$208, US$285 to US$600. Pretty mad. I thought that maybe US$255 was not all that mad and that US$255 to US$280 would be a sort of mid-range median price for this rare set. After all, Botch the Crab pegged it at US$250 thereabouts.

So against my better judgment, I put in my highest bid at US$288 and 5 seconds later entered US$302. It was crazy but it is a crazy day and I’m on a combiner high (After having bought Abominus, Computron, Piranacon and Bruticus consecutively; see also Operation Combiner).

I was fully prepared to lose this auction.

I was.

I won, in the end.

I was quite surprised to have won it at US$260 flat. I expect this to be an amazing set with the exception of the missing Tech Spec and Slog’s broken but super glued back legs.

I am hoping to find a Slog loose online and that would make this set quite perfect.

On another note, I think it is time to make good my ‘promise’ to stop mad, insane buying at least for this year. I’m targeting 23rd October (the day this site goes live) as a final cut off date.


- Evening Update -

I did a search for 'Slog' when I got back from work and there was a Buy it Now listing for Slog, robot & pretender shell, from an Austrlian seller! The BIN price is a mere AU$14.99. I bought it (together with Icepick and Bristleback) in a spilt second. I now have a good unbroken Slog to replace the one that is broken!

Nice! I can't really believe it myself.

Slog AU buy it now listing:

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