23 October 2007

24 Hours Later

It's been 24 hours.

Thank you for visiting this site. There were approximately 252 hits 12 hours after going live; there were approximately 313 hits 24 hours after going live; and there have been a total of 6 comments posted on the site.

There has been approximately 240 views and 33 replies at the topic I started on OZ Formers here; and there are approximately 154 views and 5 replies on the topic I started on Seibertron here.

All very modest figures, but I am delighted! I am happy to give a little back to the Transformers fandom.

Perhaps the most shocking thing I learnt today is that after 12 hours, a search for Heroic Decepticon on Google returns this site as the #1 result. This is still true after 24 hours.

I hope to keep up the good results with support from all you guys and gals out there!

'ta for now!


Heroic Decepticon #1 result on Google after 24 hours

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