09 October 2007

My reasons for who became Cyclonus

Previous chapter: Which Decepticon reformatted into Cyclonus & Scourge?

As previously mentioned, I believe that Skywarp is undoubtedly the Decepticon who was reformatted into Cyclonus.

My reasoning goes this way:

[1] Profile: I expect the Unicron reformatted beings to behave very much like their pre-reformatted selves because Unicron obviously didn’t tinker with their personalities much. Skywarp was blindly loyal to Megatron (see esp MTMTE); Bombshell is far from loyal (see the Insecticon Syndrome). As seen from Webworld especially, Cyclonus is blindly loyal to Galvatron as well. Also Cyclonus is quite a blockhead just like Skywarp is dull, whereas Bombshell is pretty smart. It follows that Skywarp’s profile is a closer match to Cyclonus than Bombshell’s.

[2] Mass: Cyclonus is a large Decepticon, roughly the same size as Scourge and a little smaller than Galvatron. By extrapolation, that would mean that Cyclonus is roughly the same size as Thundercracker who became Scourge. Bombshell, on the other hand is much smaller than either of the seekers. In terms of mass, size and height, Skywarp is a more probable Cyclonus candidate than Bombshell is.

[3] Function: Cyclonus is a saboteur while Skywarp is a warrior and Bombshell does psychological warfare. A saboteur is arguably a warrior with the superadded skill of sabotage- like chocolate topping on vanilla ice-cream; in any case the physicality of the function means that it is closer to a plain vanilla warrior than a psychological warfare specialist is. It is more probable for Skywarp than Bombshell to be Cyclonus because they have similar functions.

[4] Alternate mode: This point needs no elaboration- Cyclonus is a spaceship while Skywarp is an F-15 fighter plane and Bombshell is a beetle.

[5] Colour: I know I am getting a little pedantic here, but this is a point nonetheless. Cyclonus’ colour scheme consists of purple and grey/silver while Skywarp’s consists of purple, black and grey/silver and Bombshell’s consists of purple, black, grey/silver and yellow. Cyclonus has no yellow parts and so is closer in colour to Skywarp than Bombshell.

It follows from all the above that I strongly believe that the dominant Cyclonus, the one in all post movie episodes, is more likely than not the reformatted Skywarp.


  1. I wish there was a story where Cyclonus re-gains his memories of Skywarp and that he desires to re-gain the ability of teleportation.

  2. yes, I hope that Cyclonus is proven to be descended from Skywarp =)

  3. 'wish there was a story where Cyclonus re-gains his memories of Skywarp and that he desires to re-gain the ability of teleportation.'

    MAN, I WOULD TOTALLY buy that comic!
    I would also like to read how Cyclonus feels about having once been Skywarp. It could be a feeling of joy as in being given an intelligence upgrade that resulted in him taking Starscream's place(whom he disliked as Skywarp) OR a feeling of disgust as in being the reformatted version of a decepticon who, despite being the only transformer possesing the ability to teleport, was completely useless unless supervised by Megatron.

  4. I wonder how he would feel about gaining a versimilitude of intelligence after the reformatting, but then losing the ability to teleport. Don't know which would such more.

  5. 'I wonder how he would feel about gaining a versimilitude of intelligence after the reformatting, but then losing the ability to teleport.'

    That sounds like an interesting story! It would add depth to Cyclonus. However, I do not think that unique ability is gone! How so? Well, the episode 'Heavy Metal War' reveils that decepticons have power-chip rectifiers that gives them special abilities. In Skywarp's case teleportation. I argue that it has never crossed Cyclonus' mind that he STILL has the power-chip rectifier that would give him the ability to teleport. Just as it never crossed Scourge's mind that he still has the power-chip rectifier that gives him the ability to produce sonic booms.

    1. Good observation re the power chip rectifier. Even after reformatting, Cyclonus was not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed whether we're thinking of the cartoon or the comics...

      He could very well still have the ability to teleport but nobody'd know it and since Skywarp often only warps when ordered to do so, Cyclonus would never do it because nobody would know that he still may be able to!

  6. Happy 2013!
    Did you know that from now on there will be a Superior Spider-man comicbook series? It stars Doc Ock's MIND inside Peter Parker's BODY!
    THIS HAS AWAKENED IN ME A DESIRE to see a Transformers Generation 1 comicbook series, starring Megatron's, Skywarp's and Thundercracker's MIND inside Galvatron's, Cyclonus' and Scourge's BODY!

  7. I believe it's Skywarp bcuz since Thurdercracker is the same plane type and the swoops were Insecticons just like bombshell is, makes me believe that the planes were the boss and the insects well were insects


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