05 October 2007

My Collecting Principles

‘You’re too fussy’- lots of people have said.

It’s true. I admit it. In fact, my fussiness carries from life and work into collecting and into Transformers. I collect Transformers, but am extremely fussy about which series and which ‘bots to collect.

The main principle is this:
I strictly collect G1 Transformers and series’ or individual toys that are directly relevant to G1. Exceptions may be occasioned for exceptionally brilliant new series' or the one off nice figure.

G1 reissues are considered G1 for the purposes of the principle. Examples of directly relevant lines include Takara’s SCF line, Mega SCF line, Metalforce line, Hasbro’s Classics line, Hard Hero busts, Diamond select sculpts and etc. An example of brilliant new series’ is without a doubt the Binaltech and the Masterpiece series.

I personally do not see TF lines that come later than G1 as Transformers. Yes, what I am saying is that I disregard almost all 'Transformers' lines after G1. I don't care for them, there is no affinity. And because I don’t consider them Transformers, I’m not even interested in having them in my collection, unless excepted as stated above.

I collect these Transformer series’:
  • Generation One
  • Robot Masters
  • Takara SCF, Mega-SCF/ Hasbro Heroes of Cybertron
  • WST
  • Binaltechs
  • KISS Players
  • Alternators [borderline except for Rumble & Ravage, Mirage and Rodimus if only because there are no Binaltech equivalents]
  • Masterpiece Series
  • Transformers Classics
  • Robot Heroes
  • Transformers Movie [very borderline case]
  • Encore

I avoid these like the plague:
  • G2
  • Beast Wars
  • Machine Wars
  • Beast Wars II
  • Beast Wars Neo
  • Beast Machines
  • TF: Robots in Disguise [Brave Max reissue exception]
  • Superlink/ Armada
  • Galaxy Force/ Universe [Starscream & Vector Prime exception]
  • Energon
  • Cybertron [Primus exception]
  • Titanium [War Within Prime & Megatron exception but very borderline]
When I buy figures in lots, I sometimes get more than just G1 figures. I will treat any toy that falls into the second list with contempt- in fact, I have this uncontrollable urge to throw them away most of the time. The thought of them breathing the same air as my G1 Transformers is distasteful at best but revolting at worse.

It follows that I am not interested in building a big 'Transformers' collection by biting hook, line and sinker into the, what is often, trash that Hasbro tosses my way.

I define what is worthy of being a Transformer and the quality of figures that enter my collection. For this reason, fortunately or unfortunately, I will never have as big a collection as so-called completists who buy any and everything that carries the Transformers label...

... for afterall, I am who I am.

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  1. Ah, a man after my own heart. Your collection must mirror mine. I think the only differences are I did not bite on the GF Starscream, but I did buy Armada Unicron, and Scourge, UM, Rodimus Prime and Soundwave from the Titanium seiries.


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