31 July 2011

Ultimate Custom Transformers Seeker Plane Jet WOW!!! (auction #160625261277)

I showed this auction to E yesterday night while we were having dinner with her sister, because I thought it was a fascinating concept (but also very funny!).

E loved it and said we should support the seller by bidding. Her sister eyed us suspiciously and thought we were crazy.

I bidded on behalf of E.

We bid $11 first and lost out to the previous bidder right-away. E said, 'let's bid again!'.

We bid $11.50 and was the high-bidder. E was satisfied.

We went to watch Kung-Fu Panda 2 (very nice popcorn) and then returned home to check that we were still the high-bidder.

With 5 hours to go, we couldn't stay up to 'prevent' people from sniping us and decided to leave it to fate. We went to bed hoping that we'd win the auction for Mr Awesome!

Woke up this morning to find that we did win Mr Awesome! Yum (okay, not dog compatible).

So, what is Mr Awesome?

This is the seller's eBay description (I tried to match his/her text colour):

"Ultimate Custom Transformers!!!

Look at this serious custom work! This amazing guy can change into a jet and back into robot! But that's not all. THE PLANE FLY FOR REAL!!! Make sure you transfrom him properly then, gently launch it in the air. THIS WILL KNOCK YOU SOCK OFF! Mr Awesome will conquer both the Autobots AND Decepticons just because he's so AWESOME! Made entirely of the cellulose of real LIVING TREES! First time you heard of a Transformers that is close to nature. even if he transform into a effing JET?! Hey, not even Beast Wars can make such a claim! This custom took hours and HOURS of making. The following result will be the most perfect and ULTIMATE piece in your collection!


Paypal only. Serious bidders only. No bull, I'm warning you. No laughing when you bid. Bidding on this awesome TF is like, the most serious and critical thing you will do in your whole life! And because I'm so nice, SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE."

This is Mr Awesome!

E loved all the Q&A too, which I will record here for posterity's sake...


Q: Great Custom Man. I hope you can do a review of this awesome custom on YouTube as well as the transformation. Jul-29-11
A: Unfortunately, five years ago, I hade the brilliant idea of posting multiple soft porn clips on Youtube. I was banned-- "FOREVEEEEEER!!!" Pinkie Pie! I hate it when you do that! As I was saying, I would totally have done a Review. Not only of the awesomest TF ever, but also of the rest of my collection. Unfortunately, Youtube is not forgiving like 4chan. I'm really banned-- "FOREVEEEEEER!!!" Eeeeek!


Q: Yo this is amazing did Frenzy Rumble make it looks like his?! Jul-28-11
A: No, but I was really inspired. Fun fact: Check the list of bidders for a surprise! :)


Q: If I'm lucky enough to win this pinnacle of auction awesomeness, I'm getting Mr. Awesome AFA graded! Jul-28-11
A: ((O_O)) If you do, please mail me the pics! This could be beyond epic!


Q: Will future repaints of this item be offered in the near future? Jul-28-11
A: Maybe. But to keep the novelty up and the demand high, it could take a few weeks or a few months before the next unique and amazing desing... For I don't beleive in repaint. ONLY NEW MOLDS.


Q: Do you have combine shipping??? Jul-28-11
A: Well, I can certainly ship Megatron and Optimus Prime together. They certainly in a love-hate relationship. Add Starscream into the mix, and we get one interesting love tri.... Whait... You mean, "postage services". The only other item I'm selling right now is a Street-Fighter Arcade Machine find it at: http://cgi.cafr.ebay.ca/Street-Fighter-Arcade-Machine-Cabinet-Canadian-vers-/160628291005?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item25663135bd Because it's local pick-up only for that one, I cannot combine any shipping as for now.


Q: Your AWESOME item has inspired me to ask something that truly bothers me. Why are dogs' noses wet? Jul-27-11
A: They lick it, obviously. But be careful. Mr Awesome is not dog comatible.


Q: Yo bro is this drybrushed? Jul-27-11
A: Better than drybrush. It used the very ancient and arcane technique of aplying a very complex ink trough a felt medium. Before applying said ink, one must have his Ying and Yang in perfect equilibrium. Before each stroke, one must breath deeply ten time, achieving the state of mind required to pour the maximum awesomness such a piece deserves. Now that you know, you can call me: MASTER.


Q: If the item does not come completely mint, can I return the item for a full refund? Jul-27-11
A: NO RETURNS. Mr Awesome will come into a hard envelope. Remember that the envelope itself is his docking bay accessory. Just the fact of touching and looking at Mr Awesome, Mr Awesome will fall for you. If you return him, it will break his heart... You want to break Mr Awesome's heart? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?!


Q: dude are you serious on selling this? ^_^ it's a joke right? coz' I kinda laugh at it especially on the description panel thumbs up :P Jul-27-11
A: I'm really serious for selling this. Hey, it started at ONE CENT. With FREE shipping. People will pay what they think this AWESOME TRANSFORMERS think it's worth. So far, I'm thanking everyone who play along. Also, My full congratulation for the one who will win the auction! I assure you, once paymkent is cleared, full positive feedback will be given. Thanks again everyone, you are all AWESOME! (...but not as awesome as Mr Awesome.)


Q: I am not sure ULTIMATE is a strong enough word for this... I think you just raised the bar to high for customs... Would it be easy for you to add LEDs? Again, I can't BELIEVE the ULTIMATE AWESOMENESS that is :SEEKER JET PLANE!! Thanks for the inspiration.. Jul-27-11
A: Oh, if I'd add LEDs, your face would MELT from an AWESOMNESS OVERDOSE. For security reasons I cannot. :(


Q: Do you ship CHINA?! Jul-27-11
A: YES! I'm shipping FREE and WORLDWIDE. By lettermail. And normally, you will not have any custom fees. But as for Italy and Spain... Their postage services are slow as hell... So be warned!


Q: Is it complete with all accessories? I don't see any in the pics. Jul-27-11
A: It is complete. It will come with his awesome docking bay! In plane mode, it will snugly fit inside, wings folded. The docking bay might even come with some colorful pieces of art on the outside, upper right corner! You know, a homebase is not complete without some tasteful deco.


Q: Are there any issues with paint rub? Jul-26-11
A: Never! The paint was MARKED PERMANENTLY. So, it will NEVER rub off. Guaranteed. Don't forget that this Transformers is the ultimate for any customs. EVER!!!


Q: You say this item is new, I'm not so sure it is, has it been transformed? Jul-26-11
A: It have been transformed in factory, by the manifacturer: me.As long that my holy hands are the only ones that have touched this awesomest custom ever, the item is NEW! Bow before me.


Q: LMAO!!!!! This is the greatest auction I have ever seen on ebay... Just AWESOME!!! Jul-26-11
A: The Geat and Powerful Jin and the mythical FR sell awesome customs. I had to emulate my heroes! @_@


You know what the scary thing is?

If E keeps this mint and together with his custom loading dock, it's going to be worth more than my entire G1 Transformers collection, beware! =)

~ HD


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