27 August 2010

Duocon Flywheels MISB

Earlier in the year, I bought a MISB Battletrap from Tokyo, thinking that, yah, I've finally completed my Duocons MIB. As with 2-3 previous occasions, I soon realised that I already have Battletrap MIB, it is Flywheels that I don't have! How bizarre.

Spoke about it with Sky Shadow of OZ Formers and he said that he's in exactly the opposite position - he keeps acquiring Flywheels' MIB thinking that he does not have it when in truth it is Battletrap that he needs. I would have loved to have sold him my MISB Battletrap, but it was a toy that E wanted because she liked it. So it really didn't belong to me although I paid for it.

Than along came Parramatta Fair on 22 August 2010. Before the fair, Sky Shadow kindly offered to sell me (one of?) his MISB Flywheels. I was over the moon, I'm finally getting the right piece to complete my G1 Duocons!

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