21 September 2009

Today's Transformer feature, D-329: Leozack

This is probably my second favourite individual Liokaiser robot after Drillhorn. I really like the shade of green (or is it green) that Leozack comes in. To me, that shade of green is unique.

Leozack was one of the most prominently featured members of the inappropriately named Brestforce (really, this is such an unfortunate sub-group name, but I'll bitch about it another day). He had an entire episode dedicated to him very early on in the Victory series where he went toe-to-toe with Star Saber - almost coming out on top. That's pretty impressive for someone whose toy representation is less than half the size of Star Saber's toy.

Another main difference between the anime and the toy is the head sculpt and also the head colours. The anime showed a very detailed and well formed Leozack head that was predominantly his famous shade of green. The toy on the other hand has a head that is mostly greyish white and a face painted orange. Leaves something to be desired, I'd say.

Still, this is a very neat piece and an essential part of Brestforce since he forms the body of Liokaiser.

Without further ado, the pictures of my individual boxed Leozack, which is as close to MISB as can be without being MISB. =)

Front of box - As with the rest of the Transformers in the Victory era, the box art is simply stunning.

The individual boxed Brestforce members features bottom of the box art unlike earlier year Transformers which features a representation shot of the toy on the bottom of the box.

Flawless glossy box without creases, dents or rips.

Flawless glossy box without creases, dents or rips.

Top of box - Unlike earlier year Transformer boxes which featured transformation sequences of the toy, the box tops of the Brestforce members show instead photos of the toys featuring the 'brest-former' function that is unique to this sub-group (with the exception of Deszaras of course)

Back of box

Back of box - unfortunately, there is a slight dent on the bottom left of the box

Leozack's bio card is not included in the paperworks packet but is actually one of the inner flaps of the box.

The other side of his bio-card is actually another flap of the box. I suspect that the printing on each flap were meant to be printed on respective sides of a card, but Takara for obvious reasons cannot do that (ie: print on both sides of the same box flap), so they did the next best thing which is giving us the characters' picture on one flap and then the bio on the other flap.

The contents of C-329, Leozack

Instructions and unapplied sticker sheet. Unfortunately, Leozack is the only Brestforce member in my collection with an incomplete set of papaerworks. It is missing some promotional pamphlets and the Victory catalog.

Minty Leozack toy, Lion 'brest' and Liokaiser head. Leozack is the only Brestforce member who came with a part other than his 'brest' force partner.


Detailed pictures and commentary on individual Liokaiser memebers:

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