05 September 2009

Interior of Cybertronian: The unofficial Transformers Guide by Dlin and Tietjens

Further to what I said here about liking this little book more and more, I show as evidence how useful it could be...

Below is an interior shot of the Roadbuster pages (this book devotes more pages to characters that has more parts, other characters that are features using 2 pages are Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Scorponok, Fortress Maximus and all the Gestalt/Combiner leaders).

I always wondered just how many parts Roadbuster came with. Short of having the instructions on hand or having a roaming internet connection to connect to TFU.info when I'm out shopping for Transformers (this would be in Hong Kong and Singapore but not Australia), this little guidebook is the perfect thing to bring along as a reference for those time when I come across a good deal but am unsure of 'completeness'.

As shown in the picture below, the book lays out each and every part that Roadbuster (or a particular Transformer as the case may be) comes with. As a bonus, it even includes a close-up shot of the robot head!

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