23 September 2009

What madness is this?!?

When it comes to eBay, I thought I have seen it all.

Obviously, I haven't.

Because much as I love Transformers' in their package it is hard to imagine much less fathom the reasons why it'd be worthwhile paying that amount of dough for a sealed Bludgeon (which does not even have a backing card that is nice and flat). Yes, its a pretty rare figure to come across sealed because of its limited production run, but gosh, the amount it went for tops even MISB Thunderwings.

Frankly, I'm quite bewildered is all. Don't think there is anymore I can say.

This is a screen shot of the auction.


  1. I started looking into buying a loose but complete Bludgeon recently. Average price? Around $225-250.

    And that's when I stopped seriously looking into buying a loose but complete Bludgeon.

  2. It's just crazy out there. I keep wondering when did money start growing on trees.

    I've seen recent US auctions for things like a Micromaster Missile Transport go for US$185. I mean, seriously? An MM Transport?!?

    I do have a spare Bludgeon somewhere you know....


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