06 September 2009

Skywarp and Bombshell - All Hail Megatron #6

Catching up on my TF comic reading.

I thought this exchange between Skywarp and Bombshell in All Hail Megatron (AHM) #6 is hilarious.

Skywarp to Bombshell: "In the past hour I've single-handedly killed half the population of this city [Beijing]. What makes you think I'd have a problem killing you?"

Bombshell to Skywarp: "Touchy. Killing these creatures are meant to be impressive then?Strange notion, they're so small, insignificant, like - "

Skywarp: "Bugs? You're a bug! Is that supposed to be impressive? A bug?"

Bombshell: "Remarkably eloquent aren't you?"

Skywarp: "El - what?"

Bombshell: "Critizing another's form... tsk, tsk, vulgar. And from one of the identical tin soldiers no less."

Skywarp: "Tin - ... we pay homage to our commander's form. It's the seekers' way."

Bombshell: "Like you respect him. The Seekers. Makes you feel good does it, being a Seeker? Being rewarded? Cherished?"

Skywarp: "You annoy me. Since day one you annoy me. Your little mind games won't work."

Bombshell: "Yes, and with good reason."

Hilarious, like I said.

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