12 September 2009

Nothin' stops the Juggernaut - nuff said!

I have since opened my Marvel Legends Series VI Juggernaut after I posted this. It is one sweet figure.

Since I've not seen pictures of it anywhere else (nor did I try to find some to see), I was most interested in the head-sculpt that is below Juggernaut's helmet. In order to maintain some verisimilitude of suspense, I will not post pictures of Juggernaut without his helmet in this post, although I don't think pictures of Juggy without his helmet would be that hard to locate on the internet anyway.

This is one hulking-behemoth of a figure...

Nothin' stops the Juggernaut!

Punisher vs the Juggernaut. Nah, puny punisher is not going to survive...

Batman vs the Juggernaut. I gotta say, Batman might have a chance (he'll find a way, he's the Batman after all), but then, they live in different universes.

Now, that's more like it. Thanos vs the Juggernaut. I'd have to root for Thanos for the sheer genius and physical powerhouse that he is (he did go toe to toe with the Power Gem wielding Champion in Thanos Quest don't forget)

Thanos, Juggernaut and Darkseid, three of my favourite rouges.

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