26 September 2009

Targetmaster Misfire MIB

Today, I'm taking a break from showcasing the Liokaiser Brestforce members in favour of showcasing the first of a number of Targetmasters and Headmasters I recently acquired Mint in Box.

Today's spotlight falls on Misfire, my favourite Decepticon Targetmaster. I know, he's such a dork according to his tech specs, but hey, he transforms into a really sleek Cybertronian plane and has a Targetmaster partner that is unique in design among the large new mold Decepticon Targetmasters.

In fact, Aimless is unique among all Targetmasters - where Targetmasters are sharpeshooters, Aimless cannot aim to save his life. (yup, that's unique too).

Another reason why I'm fond of Misfire is because I actually thought him to be a lady Transformer when I was young - "Miss Fire", I thought. My misreading of his name coupled with his generally reddish-pinkish colour scheme actually made me think that Misfire is a female Transformer.

How cool was that. The first figure of a female Transformer was not Minelba but Miss Fire!

MIB Targetmaster Misfire

Box still smooth and glossy

Slight tear at the bottom righthand corner

Hint of a flap crease on the back of box

This is the original bag Misfire's paperworks came in. Interestingly, the catalog is not folded into a square but is rectangular.


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