20 September 2009

Seacon leader Snaptrap MIB

This is another one in a series of high-quality Transformers I will be showcasing over the next week or so. Ever since the re-ignition of my interest in Transformers in 1999, I've tried to keep as close to my collecting objectives as possible- that means C9 and above toys in a USA box.

Sometimes, as a bonus, I would acquire a piece that also comes with its original bubble insert, cardboard inserts and untouched parts. This sort of pieces are, in other words, as close to MISB as possible.

Snaptrap is such a piece.

I obtained this Snaptrap together with all the other 5 Seacons (also in a similar condition) from the same seller. I took it out to admire it again a couple of days ago and couldn't help thinking what a nice G1 specimen this piece is. Snaptraps in boxes are relatively rare, but a Snaptrap in box with all its inserts is really a sight to behold, and such an experience to hold.

This is a really sturdy piece with very sturdy packaging. The box fits almost snugly around the bubble insert unlike a majority of Transformer boxes which are much bigger than the bubble insert and the toy itself (think Swoop or the Series 1 and 2 Autobot cars). Add to that the fact that Snaptrap is a large well built toy and the amount of Piranacon parts it comes with and it is one heavy toy in a sturdy box - truely quite an experience to hold, I can almost feel the power it packs!

Here it is, my Snaptrap...

Snaptrap MIB

Notice how snugly the Snaptrap bubble insert fits into the cardboard that goes around it

Paperworks in baggie. Man, that's a lot of paper!

Flawless and still glossy box without scratches, dings, dents, tears, etc...

The slight curvature of the box at this end is attributable to the amount of things that are packed into the box; the stack of paperworks is so thick that it inevitably 'puffs' up the box when slid behind the bubble insert. There simply isn't enough room in the box to properly contain Snaptrap and all the things that come with him!

Flawless and still glossy box without scratches, dings, dents, tears, etc...

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