09 February 2012

Takara/ MC Axis Elita-One resin model kit (1996) MIB unused

I bought this together with the Hot Rod and Arcee model kits as a set.

This Elita-One model kit is perhaps the only rendition of Elita-One in its full G1-accurate tangible collectible or toy form since she appears in the G1 episode "The search for Alpha Trion". Diamond select did an Elita One bust, which by definition was not a full Elita One figure.

Due to the lack of Elita One collectibles or toys and her 'romantic' connection with Optimus Prime, this is perhaps the most desirable of all the 3 MC Axis model kits. Alvaraz in his Unofficial Guide to Japanese and International Transformers (published in 2001) estimates that the Elita One kit is worth US$500-600 unassembled (page 137).

He says: "These are the very, very, extremely rare Elita One [and Arcee] vinyl model kits... These models stand almost 5-inches high when assembled, and sell for [USD]$500-600 each".

A larger shot of the front of its stunning box. According to TF Wiki, the way "Elita One" is spelt has been a bone for contention with fans for many years and this box settles it once and for all. Interesting and all, but I didn't know that such contention existed!

Side of box. Like the Hot Rod box of the same side, this shows computer rendered images of the model kit. The Elita One box on the other hand, shows a painted version of the Elita One model kit inside.

Other side of box with a beautifully drawn rendition of Elita One by Yoshi and Elita One's tech specs and bio in Japanese.

Close of tech specs, which is worthwhile noting because this is one of the first (and perhaps only) instance where Elita One's tech spec read out is available: Str 9 Int 10 Spd 7 1/2 End 6 Rank 9 1/2 Cour 10 FP 3 Skill 9

Close up of Elita One bio. If only I can read Japanese, sob!

Showing its unused contents. It turns out that the 'instructions' and 'comic strip' are one and the same thing.

Close up of comic strip

Close up of instructions

Here, I have just put the model kits parts together (without glue) to give an idea of what the finished kit would look like. Unlike Hot Rod, there are no extra parts like guns, add-ons, etc.

Close up of the head detail, which I really like and I think is very G1-anime accurate

Next: 3 MC Axis model kits reviewed together!


MC Axis resin model kits (1996):


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    1. Yes, I do! I believe this is the most difficult among the 3 kits to find actually.

  2. 'Finish this war, prease......'


  3. Do you mean to keep saying "Arcee" while talking about Elita? :)

  4. hahaha... thanks for the heads up!
    I'll go fix it now... =)

  5. I so want one of these and I would sure pay for it...

    1. i have been considering selling all 3 of them as a set, to be honest =)

    2. Have you sold them, and if not How much would you let them go for?

    3. hello, they are still available. I'm looking to sell them as a set.
      Email me via the blog and we could talk further? http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.hk/p/contact-me.html

    4. I will love to buy them from you.

  6. I really would love to get a hold of one of this. If you are selling it or find one, Please let me know.


    1. Hi Elita,

      I'm reluctant to sell them individually, but would be happy to sell them as a set (ie: Elita One, Arcee and Hot Rod). You can email me using the contact me page if you would like to talk further.


    2. I would love to buy the set off you! Please message me on here: https://facebook.com/Elita0ne
      we can talk more:


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