27 September 2007

A Monster’s Grin

Strange day it is today. I did something that I have not done for the better part of a year or was it two or three or more?

I did not wait till the last 20 seconds to bid, which usually guarantees victory; instead I bid almost an hour before the auctions ended, which usually means defeat.

I didn’t have a choice. I had to coordinate and go with a group of people to a showroom presentation on ‘Light & Hospitality’. We were to be picked up at a fixed time and I could not be late even if I tried. The auctions were slated to end an hour from when we were to be picked up and we would only return 3 hours later- the auctions would have ended and gone cold by the time I got back in front of a computer.

What were at stake was Monsterbot Grotesque MIB and Pretender Skull Grin MIB (and Smokescreen MIB), both from a reliable seller with Transformers of the most immaculate quality. If it weren’t from this seller, I wouldn’t be so hard pressed to bid and obtain them. In truth, Skull Grin was essential and Grotesque (and Smokescreen) was merely collateral.

It was Marvel Transformers #40 and #45. It was because I never had Skull Grin as a kid. It was also because I’ve never touched a Skull Grin up till now. So yes, I think I will have him, and MIB too, thank you very much.

I had to bid and hope against odds that I will win, I couldn’t stay a minute longer than the 12pm pick up time.

I put in my maximum bids before leaving: Grotesque at US$22.88; Skull Grin at US$36.88 (and Smokescreen at US$22.88). I became the highest bidder, for the moment. The bid amounts were Grotesque at US$16.78 and Skull Grin at US$21.78 (and Smokescreen at US#21.00). Not too bad, still a bit of fat to burn through before my maximum bid is breached.

I left with the thought of a certain and impending loss- because they weren’t that high, last minute bid snipers would breeze past my max bid amount like the wind.

Fast forward 3 hours.

I’m back in front of a computer and desperate to know whether I have won or lost.

Yes? Yes. Yes! I won! I was delighted but surprised at the same time. Had no one been interested enough to outbid me? Maybe, maybe not but who cares. I won Grotesque for US$21.72 and Skull Grin at US$31.00 (lost Smokescreen at US$28). That is quite a couple of dollars under my maximum bids and I am happy!

Now I wait for my Skull Grin (and Grotesque).


Monsterbot Grotesque MIB complete from eBay seller paulieconure

Decepticon Pretender Skull Grin MIB complete from eBay seller paulieconure

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