30 November 2014

Series 3 - Runamuck MOSC

I bought this near the end of June 2014... and only posting about it now, heh.

I have ever been fond of the Battlechargers since the 80s. I clearly remember one particular interaction, where I pointed to the 'white car' on the catalogue and asked my sister how to pronounce his name. Her answer was "This robot is called 'Runamuck'."

Years later, I acquired the vintage versions Runamuck and his partner in crime, Runabout both MOC.

This June, I finally got off my bee-hind and got myself a MOSC Runamuck!

Given, the card is not super nice, but I am still glad to have gotten this specimen.


  1. I got mine both MOC, with stickers unnaplied and in a great condition. I was ever fascinated about these two guys, since they appeared in the comics drawing throught USA monuments following a tourists family XD
    Great adition to your collection HD, congrats!!!

    1. hey man, i think i was fascinated with them for the same reason you are! It's that one comic book.... I really like them both too

  2. I got my Runamuck fr Christmas as a kid. Always loved the guy. His bio taught me what kinetic meant! Loved the Battlechargers ever since. Simple but fun!!

    1. hey mate, nice story of learning from TFs. Man, I can't even count the number of things that I have learnt from TFs that are still relevant and useful in life. It's really a life-changing mythos


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