26 November 2014

Panini Transformers sticker book and Transformers FHE Poster

Here are 2 items that share the same 'cover' - this one below

Back in 1984 / 1985, every Friday at 6.30pm, Channel 5 in Singapore would flash the above image for maybe 2-3 seconds before it played the opening theme song of the Transformers cartoon and then that week's episode would commence!

For me, that image above represents the start of that week's exciting Transformers episode, where new and exciting things happen, where I get to see and meet new robots which are thrown into various life-threatening situations. It therefore is little wonder that the above image is extremely close to heart for me.

The above image is actually the cover of a Panini sticker book featuring the Transformers. All kids in the 80s must know what Panini is, no need for further introductions.

This is the back cover.

This is the insides. The book on the left is blank and mint. The book on the right is complete with all the stickers pasted in. A big thank you to valkyrie_76 for gifting me this 2 books, very very appreciated~

The next item that features that image is the FHE Promotional Poster, a very large thing! See below.

This is such a lovely poster and showcases the art perfectly.

Close up of Ravage

Close up of Starscream

Close up of Laserbeak and Soundwave

Close up on Optimus Prime

Close up on Jazz, Mirage, Sunstreaker (robot modes) and Optimus Prime, Hound and Bumblebee (vehicle mode)

The artist is "GM Eggleston". Tip of the hat to you!

Look, even the Ark is in the poster!


  1. In the 80s, an argentina company called Cromy also made a Transformers sticker album (whit the permission of Hasbro). I think its soooo better than the pannini one.

    Check this link:


    1. Wow, the book from the link you posted does look very good! Surprised to see that there are so many coloured pages (even if without stickers). Usually, for the book, they do it cheap and do it in only 2-3 colours.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've never seen or even knew about that Cromy sticker book. I'd love to get my hands on it.

    1. I'd love to as well, just have no idea how to go about sourcing it....

    2. here you guys go, one on ebay for $30 + shipping, been there for a while now. Had it under Transformers Argentina on my search list.

      actually ... you could of typed in Transformers cromy on ebay guys , :D

    3. nice one. I actually found it. But it's just the book with partial filled stickers... pity


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